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The 40 Best Broccoli & Friends Recipes We Know

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The 40 Best Broccoli & Friends Recipes We Know

We're crowning (pun intended) the MVP of green vegetables—in springtime and all the time. You've seen it take the stage as an attention-grabbing side dish; it often mingles with cheddar for creamy soups and crunchy casseroles; and it tends to make its way into all manner of pasta dishes, both hot and cold.

You'll notice that a few of these recipes call for broccolini (aka baby broccoli or Chinese broccoli, which has a sweeter flavor and thinner form than regular broccoli) or broccoli rabe (aka rapini, which is a bitter cousin to broccoli in the mustard family). Broccolini and broccoli rabe look very similar but taste pretty different, so keep an eye out for which one you're grabbing from the store or market before cooking. In general, you can swap in one for the other—or regular ol' broccoli for either—in any of these recipes, but just know that the flavor might be slightly different.


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