Take A Picture, It’ll Last Longer

confident appearance

I got looked up and down a lot, this day. Interestingly, I find the stares of disapproval more often than not come from other women (male gaze is a different thing entirely and I’ll need a whole new post to tackle that one). Anyway, there are so many women who absolutely crush it and on a daily basis. Women younger than me and older and I revere them all. Confidence in one’s appearance is a hard thing to come by at any age. Why project such palpably negative energy?The way that you look at a person, the way that you regard him/her/them can have a major impact on that person, including that person’s sense of worth and acceptance. Stop making people feel like they are “less than,” because you think you know best. The simple truth of the matter is: you don’t.When you stare at a person, laugh or give dirty looks, you’re being selfish. You’re making it about you when really you’re missing out on an opportunity to embrace someone and to make that person feel good about him/her/themself. It’s easy to tear someone down. Harder to take that high road, I guess.















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