Simple ways to refresh your home (without a full reno)

easy ideas to refresh your home

easy ideas to refresh your home

Every once in a while, you might get bored of your decor or your decor may look a bit tired.  While completely redecorating a is great, it's not always possible or even necessary.  There are lots of simple ways in which you can refresh your with even a small budget or no budget.

I'm sharing some easy ways to change up the look of a room.  Some ideas require a little bit of budget but some don't require spending anything.  Whether you're bored of a room or just feel like a change, these ideas will refresh any room in your home and without much effort.

freshen up home on budget

Simple ideas to refresh your home easily

1. rediscover your forgotten decor

Refreshing your home doesn't always mean buying new stuff.  Most of us have more stuff than we need or use.  So much so that we even forget about some things we have.  So take a look in those cupboards or boxes or the basement – wherever you keep your unused stuff.  Chances are you'll discover stuff that you've forgotten about and can use in your home.  I recently discovered a beautiful wool blanket stashed away at the bottom of my spare linen box.  The blanket has replaced my regular sofa throw as it's perfect for winter and it really changes up the look.

2. change little details

Refreshing a room needn't involve big changes.  Changing up little things can have a big impact.  Think  things like changing light switches or door handles.  Or do one of my favourite things which is giving existing a new look.  You can update an old table with new table legs or get a new cover for your sofa.  I refreshed an old desk of mine simply by switching out the legs for a whole new look.  Similarly in kitchens and bathrooms, changing taps, handles and other hardware can be transformative. It won't cost nearly as much as redecorating yet these little updates can really refresh your space.

restyle shelves for fresh look simple ideas to freshen up your home

3. move things around

This is my favourite way to refresh any room in my home when I have no budget.  You can of course rearrange the furniture in a room and this will really change up the look in an afternoon.  But there are lots of little ways you can do this too.  Simply swapping around cushions and throws from the bedroom to the living room will change the look.  Or moving art from one wall or room to another.  Move floor and table lamps around.  For things like bathrooms and kitchens, changing up what you have on display can totally refresh the space. Rearranging open shelves in any room is yet another small way to refresh the look.

4.  delete and declutter

Refreshing a space can be just as much about taking away rather than adding.  A room that looks a little tired may just have too much stuff in it.  Just by taking away any and all extras, the room will feel so much fresher.  Just think about when you put away your holiday decorations each year — doesn't your room feel and look completely different?

5. diy and up-cycle stuff

I'm not talking about taking on big DIY projects but instead it's about doing little things that make a big difference.  A pot of paint or a can of spray paint can be transformative.  Or you could try dying things like cushion covers or bed linen in a new colour.  In my last apartment, I had a corridor with three doors leading off into various rooms.  The corridor was starting to look a little bland and boring so I spray-painted all the chrome door handles black.  It was a very small change but made a big difference to the look of the space.  Similarly I dyed my duvet cover from an off-white to a mid-grey and it's changed my entire bedroom.

6.  look at your home with fresh eyes

Y'know when you come back from holiday and walk into your home, you see it almost as if for the first time?  For one second it almost feels like you're seeing it as a stranger would.  Try and look at each room with a set of fresh eyes and try and remain as objective as possible.  This will help you see what you really like and what you don't.  I recently did this with my entryway and I realised I really didn't like the paint colour anymore.  So I'm repainting it a different colour.  But for years I've been coming in and out of it with blinkers on.  It works just as well for little and big things in a room.  Really ask yourself about everything in a room and that will give you such clear ideas on what needs to change or go and what doesn't.

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