Pravana Pure Light Creme Lightener Review

I have put my hair through a lot over the years. I’ve done many colors of the rainbow with a harsh bleaching in between, and while my hair is pretty durable, the color has taken a bit of a toll. There was actually a point a few years ago where I dyed my hair pink, and when I wanted to change colors, I couldn’t actually get the bleach to take the pink out. Naturally, I then thought it would be a good idea to just keep bleaching it over and over in hopes that the pink would come out. I don’t know how I still had hair or skin at the end of that ordeal, but somehow I pulled through.

But now, I’ve discovered the secret to changing my rainbow hair without wreaking havoc on my hair and scalp. Enter Pravana’s Pure Light Crème Lightener.

I started with the fade out of my Lime Crime pink ombré and a pretty terrible texture from hot-tool abuse. (I live for my flat iron; I can’t help it.) I put my hair in the hands of Pravana and its experts, and hair color superwoman Lissette Cruz got to work at taking my color out. She used the Pure Light Crème Lightener to remove the color, and it literally took less than five minutes.

The lightener has a coconut oil base so it’s ultranourishing on your hair, which is exactly what you need if you frequently change your colors. I asked her how it works, and she said the lightener opens up the hairs and pulls the color out gently rather than harshly stripping it away like some other products. The lightener can lift up to five levels — and fast.

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