How to Make a DIY Whiteboard

Want to learn how to make a DIY ? Check out our super simple tutorial.

Are you always forgetting things — what you need to pick up from the store, whose birthday is coming up, etc.? I sure am. That's why I decided to put together a DIY whiteboard and start writing everything down!

It's a really easy project to DIY and saves you lots of money (and did I mention memory power??). You can make one, too. Just scroll down for our simple instructions.

How to Make a DIY Whiteboard

Materials you'll need:


Step 1. Mark and cut.

Check out How to Make a DIY Whiteboard at

Use the backing paper on the picture frame to get its exact size.

Step 2. Tape.

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Tape together the trimmed scrapbook paper to fit the picture frame.

Step 3. Assemble.

Check out How to Make a DIY Whiteboard at

Place the scrapbook paper in the picture frame. Note: Make sure you put the right side of the paper facing the front 😉

Carefully return the back cover and voila! A super easy, on-a-budget homemade whiteboard!


See a step-by-step video tutorial for another DIY whiteboard from our friend CharliMarliTV. Enjoy!


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