How To Dress Like a Sports Fan Without Looking Like a Total Dingus

Have you been following the World Series? Serendipitously, the two teams wear uniforms on the opposite sides of the color spectrum, blue and orange. It’s made for a striking color contrast in the stands. When you get too close, however, you can see some unfortunate choices in booster apparel. Golf shirts, oversized jerseys, and those custom designs that say things we can’t publish in good taste (let’s just say that LA is full of people wearing“clever” uses of the D in Dodgers). And even though baseball season is at an end, there are still basketball, football, and hockey seasons ahead. So, here’s some advice on how to not look like a memorabilia store victim when you’re root, root, rooting for your team.

imageYou don’t need to paint your face to show your team you care, so feel free to keep things short and sweet. Watching sports, after all, is the epitome of off-duty. Start with a pair of good jeans and some chukka boots that can stomp on peanut shells when you’re walking through the stands. Our esteemed Jesse notes that it’s nearly impossible to go wrong with tossing on a team cap, whatever the sport.

If you want to show a little more team spirit, there’s nothing wrong with coordinating the colors in your outfit to reflect the team’s colors. If you’re pulling for the Oakland A’s, then try a flannel shirt that has a touch of green. When I was a kid, I had a grey and navy varsity jacket that, while wholly unaffiliated with the team, meshed seamlessly at a Yankees game. The goal here should be to complement things without looking cartoonish. Admittedly, this will be easier for some fans than others. Trying to work with Tampa Bay’s red-and-orange color combination will be an uphill battle.

The above will carry you easily from the sports bar to the stadium, but if you’re going to a big game and want to get into the spirit of things, no one will begrudge you. Just maybe don’t, as Jesse puts it, look like you’re going in a team costume. Be careful about wearing more than two pieces of team swag, especially if they look fresh from the gift shop. And double especially if the jersey is designed for padded armor.

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