Graduate Student Is Eating Pizza For Every Meal For A Month To Prove It Can Be Healthy

Could you imagine consuming just pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for an entire month? As awesome as it sounds, you probably think it’s unhealthy to do such a thing, too.

However, one graduate student is aiming to change that view by eating pizza for every single meal for an entire month and blogging about it.

Food and sensory science PhD candidate Molly is using her blog, A Month Of Only Pizza, to document her chronicles of just eating pizza for mealtimes. The rules of the self-made challenge are simple: slices of pizza only for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. “Extras,” or snack items, don’t have to be pizza, however.

Throughout the experience, which has been going on for about a week now, she’s documenting her weight, exercise routine, pizza cost, how she and her stomach feel, and even how many slices and what extra stuff she eats in a day.

Of course, Molly wants to de-stigmatize the notion that all pizza is unhealthy for you, and makes that clear in the About section of her blog.

Because of this, Molly isn’t just buying pies from pizza spots or grocery stores. She’s making her own pizzas with ingredients like white sweet potatoes, eggs, and spinach, and has even crafted a homemade dessert pizza to satisfy her sweet tooth.

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