Funky Bullets! A Quick Look at a Few Shades From the Estée Lauder Pure Color Love Lipstick Line


I can’t be the only person out there whose first thought when they saw these funky angled bullets was to use them as a whistle…

I just can’t be!

For the record, you can apply the Este Lauder Pure Love Lipsticks ($22 each) straight from the bullets, then rub your lips together to move the lipstick around, but the color concentrates in the middle and feathers out unevenly to where it ends up looking like you were trying to recreate something editorial, chic and Vogue-like but didn’t quite get there…

The angled tip does work well, especially for getting into the corners and around the edges of your lips, but it’s a tad awkward to wield at first.

I’m feelin’ it.

estee lauder lipstick

The four I’ve tried feel fab, creamy and comfortable. They also smell and taste like brown sugar (YUM!). I like ’em, even if it takes a minute or two to master the funky bullet!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,

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