Fall And Winter 2021-2022 Pantone Colors: Give Your Fall Wardrobe An Upgrade

Have you ever gone shopping and seen the same color palette everywhere and wonder why? A lot of your fashion choices are already decided for you by forecasters. Fashion forecasters are people who predict which silhouettes, colors, textures, materials, prints, graphics, accessories, street style, and other ideas for each fashion season. When it comes to fashion there are reasons behind why things are happening and how to get you the customer to buy.

Fall 2021 Color Trend

Finding out the latest color palette for each season is simple a Google search. Understanding what colors are in season gives you a great moment to add trendy pieces and keeps your wardrobe current. Trendy fashion signifies a specific look or expression that spreads across a popular at a specific time and place. Trends always find a way to come back around, always. A popular trend of 2021 are platform loafers, 90s fashion layering (pairing your slip dress with a t-shirt), loose-fitted jeans, and sweater vest.

Tip: When online shopping for a particular color you can type the color name in the search bar and all options will appear. Some websites will actually have a color category at the sidebar.

Let’s do a little shopping with these 2021 fall/winter Pantone colors. Purchasing trendy items is smart because it gives you a moment to explore your fashion style and even step out of your comfort zone. You knew I was going to say that. 😉 When you do find something you love in your favorite color, make sure it’s a staple because to grow with your wardrobe and don’t forget to “Treat yourself!”

Fall Pantone Hues that will add boldness to your wardrobe

Fall shopping can be really fun especially when you start to incorporate Pantone colors.

It’s valuable for our shopping experience to educate shoppers and forecasters to take away the guessing game. There are some colors you’ll always be able to find no matter what season we’re experiencing. Neutral colors such as black, blues, creams, khakis, reds, and white will always be available. Hence why you will forever be able to find an LBD or a simple pair of black heels. Looking for a particular silhouette is wearing the search gets tricky.


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