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Cottweiler is a clean, relevant, menswear label
Cottweiler is a clean, relevant, menswear label. A luxury sportswear label at a first glance. And on a closer look, the delicate secrets appear. “The clothes have a minimal appearance but they have a lot of hidden details. The subtle statement has become the identity of the brand. To be understated but still stand out,” says Ben.

The concept is based on combining both nature and technology. “We always like to use one colour that conveys the concept,” says Matthew. Even though it consists of few colours, their latest collection has a big variety of clothes due to the choices and mixes of materials. We see waterproof and windproof materials, thermal fabrics and moisture-wicking materials. “By pairing the pieces with transparent jackets and joggers, it creates different colours through light reflection and highlights the concept of combining nature with technology,” he continues.

The brand is on a good path. The seasonal collections are stocked worldwide in highly selected stores. On Asia’s market, you best find Cottweiler in the Japanese Open Ceremony along big players like Acne Studios, JUUN.J or Vetements. And in London, the hometown of Cottweiler, the city’s newly opened destination for contemporary fashion Machine-A is the hottest store that, besides Cottweiler, stocks Y-3, Raf Simons, and other top streetwear brands.

Cottweiler stands out among other British contemporary labels, and in addition to its seasonal collections, they also produce films and installations. “It’s all part of the world we like to create,” says Matthew. Their art has been shown in places such as The Institute of Contemporary Arts in London and in Haus der Kunst in Munich.

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