Change up the Look of Your Furniture Instead of Buying New With Comfort Works Slipcovers

As Comfort Works’ founders Henry and Rachel like to say, every sad-looking sofa has a story behind it. It’s also what unexpectedly created their brand in 2010. The couple inherited an IKEA Karlanda sofa for their first apartment that had seen better days, and they thought there must be some way to upcycle it. Enter a sewing machine, YouTube tutorials, and some good old-fashioned trial and error and they had themselves a much-improved sofa. They were really happy with their efforts but were floored when friends and family loved it and couldn’t believe they’d made this slipcover on their own. It was a hit that also filled a gap in the market, and what began as their side hustle quickly turned into Comfort Works. The brand that Henry and Rachel created in their rental apartment now creates slipcovers for over 1,000 sofas from 29 brands in over 13 fabric options.

Often when we think of slipcovers it’s of ill-fitting fabric and corner ties that may make the furniture’s surface look better, but don’t do its shape any favors. But after seeing what Comfort Works is capable of, it turns out they’re highly underutilized. With their wide range of stylish and practical fabrics, styles, colors, and textures, personalization options are endless. If your sofa, armchairs, and dining chairs have good bones you can opt to change up their look rather than purchase anew.

detail of cream colored linen sofa

Pure Linen, Natural

To date, Comfort Works has sold over 100,000 custom, handmade sofa slipcovers. They’re custom-made solutions at ready-made prices, with each one made to order in their production facility, minimizing waste and ensuring that each slipcover fits perfectly. Currently they have 29+ sofa brands and 1,000+ sofa models available on their site, including IKEA, Pottery Barn, Article, Muji, Joybird, and more. However, Comfort Works also creates made-to-measure slipcovers for sofa brands and models not listed. In fact, they can cover nearly any sofa in the world!

neutral colored sofa and large plant in styled interior space

Claw-proof Velvet, Cream

Choose from a well-rounded selection of fabric options to make your re-covered sofa a reality. Pure Linen is just that, 100% linen that’s strong, soft, and breathable – ideal for warm weather. Everyday Linen is a durable, comfortable blend of cotton and linen. Comfort Work’s Comfort Chenille is a unique blend of linen and synthetic fibers that will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

cream colored sofa with two coffee tables and brown dog

Pure Linen, White

The goal of Comfort Works as a brand has always been to help people fall in love with their spaces time and time again by upcycling their sofas instead of throwing them away. Their slipcovers are designed for real homes and can make yours more beautiful, personal, and functional. The vast array of available fabrics are all high quality, soft to the touch, and machine washable (with the exception of leather, of course).

But there’s even more to their recycling efforts. Comfort Works doesn’t use plastic, instead slipcovers are packed in reusable bags that can be used as storage. Installation instructions are sewn onto each piece of your slipcover rather than being printed on paper. And their fabric scraps are turned into samples that might be repurposed as coasters after the fact.

neutral colored sofa and coffee table in styled interior space

Everyday Linen

detail of cream colored linen sofa

Pure Linen, Natural

Need further convincing? Comfort Works triple-checks your order and your sofa’s dimensions to make sure everything is perfect fitting. Every part of your sofa is then drawn by hand to create a pattern that’s stenciled with chalk onto your chosen fabric. Individual pieces are then cut out and assembled by highly skilled seamstresses. Once finished, your slipcover is cleaned, checked, and pressed. Loose and stray threads are trimmed, hems are checked thoroughly, and wrinkles are no more. Now that it’s ready to ship, Comfort Works folds up your slipcover, slips it into one of those reusable storage bags mentioned earlier, and is sealed and ready to go. Once it’s delivered and in your hands, you’re guaranteed that it’s perfect with a guarantee that covers alterations or a full replacement if something is wrong.

soft pink sofa and pillows

Chenille, Dusty Rose

soft pink sofa and pillows

Chenille, Dusty Rose

Service just doesn’t get much better than that in today’s world. Comfort Works’ slipcovers will leave your sofas – and more – looking even better than new. They cost a fraction of what reupholstering or buying new would. And you also have the option of making your sofa smarter with built-in mobile device chargers. There’s so much to love about this brand and its products. To learn more, visit

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