7 Tips to Creating Your Own Functional and Stylish Closet Space

Okay Loves…How’s your closet? Does it make sense? Are you still rummaging through your closet, trying to find the perfect outfit? How many online retailer plastic bags and boxes do you have lying around? Tell me…does your wardrobe look like a train wreck? Come on!!! Let’s get it together! It’s time to create your own functional and stylish closet!

Think about how you feel when you visit your favorite retail store. You have a wonderful experience, right? It’s all nice and pretty, right? Right! You deserve that experience every time you step into your closet too! So, I have devised a plan to help us ALL out! In this day in age, we don’t have the time or the patience to be disorganized! So, take out your pen and paper and jot some notes – so we can have a better organized and fashionable life!

7 Tips to Creating Your Own Functional and Stylish Closet

Tip#1: Clear Out Your Closet Space…Start from Scratch

Sometimes, it is better to start with a blank slate. For example, clearing out your closet can be a “project,” but trust me, it is worth it! First, clean up your bedroom or space where you will be placing the items that come out of your closet.

Neatly take the items from your closet and make piles. If you want to be really “daring,” start separating pieces at this early stage to save on time. For example, make a pile of shirts, blouses, skirts, pants, jeans, shoes, boots, etc. This will allow you to see what you have in that closet of yours!


Tip#2: To Keep or not to keep…that is the question!

Now, you know what you will not wear this month, this season, or even in this lifetime! So let’s be honest with ourselves and let go! Honestly, go through all of your clothes (and shoes) and ONLY keep the items you will wear! Other than that, you are keeping around unnecessary weight. Weights do absolutely nothing but weigh us down! Also, think about giving away or even selling your items! You want to be free to express yourself through fashion and be open to new things!!!


Tip#3: Strategize and Organize!


This is the part where you seriously have to think about who you are and your life. Are you someone who needs things organized by color? Or are you someone who needs items organized by occasion? What is easier for you? Think about your daily activities. Waking up, working out, doing yoga, going to a meeting, hanging out, or attending a function. All activities are essential, and you must make wise fashion decisions.

So, with that in mind, let’s organize your space based on your needs. I personally love organizing my closet by occasion – lingerie, workout gear, loungewear, streetwear, meeting attire, after 5, cocktail parties, and galas. Within each section, I organize by color. It allows me to pick and choose wisely, and when laundry day comes, it makes it that much easier!


Tip#4: Time to Put it Back…In Order!

Before putting anything back, make sure your hangers are functioning correctly and items are hanging neatly. Neatly! The worst thing is to clear out a closet only to put things back disorderly! If you need new hangers because most of your items are on dry cleaner or wire hangers, then get you some suitable hangers! Don’t waste time putting clothes back on broken, unstable hangers! It will defeat the purpose of having a functional closet! Also, did you organize? I hope you did!

Rubber Hangers (Set of 50)
by Honey Can Do

Tip#5: An Extra Something, Something!

So, in creating a functional and stylish closet, it is essential to think, “what else could make this space amazing!” If you have room, consider an ottoman or a comfy chair.

Wendover Ottoman by Frontgate

Add a stand-up mirror, or maybe put a framed mirror on your wall. Add photos of yourself for added inspiration and confidence! Be your OWN muse!

Pipe Standing Mirror by Urban Outfitters

Tip#6: The Smell Goods

Aghhhhh! There is nothing like a closet that smells delicious! You want a fresh, clean space that welcomes you every time you step in it! Keep your dirty clothes in a hamper with a lid to prevent bad smells. If you can, put your dirty clothes hamper away from your clean clothes! Remember, fabrics absorb odors! I like plug-ins or even timed air fresheners. Some people swear by sachets and oil scents. Whatever suits your fancy! Please, make sure your closet doesn’t smell like sweaty socks or worse!

Convivio – Air Freshener Incolore
by Salvatore Ferragamo

Tip#7: Don’t Lose that Loving Feeling!

Now that you created your own functional and stylish space, do you and me a favor, keep it that way! Don’t lose that loving feeling where one day you are on cloud nine due to your new and organized fashionista life and then back to living crazy! Organization in life allows you to focus on other things. Important things! Make your closet one of your “go-to” spots where you can retreat to and feel good! You will thank me later!

Ready to tackle your closet? Show us your closet transformations! Before and After!


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