6 Gifts Every Young Professional Will Love

Young adults who have just entered the workforce and newer working professionals love getting gifts that keep their lifestyle and needs in mind. Give them something more personal than a gift card. Find practical gifts they can use in their everyday lives instead of your gift ending up in the back of their closet or being regifted. Help the young professional you know look more sophisticated with a luxury watch or a high-end . Save them time and money with a meal kit service and ways to brew their favorite coffee drinks at . Whether you are shopping for a recent college graduate or someone just entering the corporate world, these six gifts are a thoughtful and practical way to mark an important career milestone.

1. Messenger Bag
A leather messenger bag will make them look more professional and stylish than using a canvas backpack to carry their laptop to and from work. This unisex high-quality handmade leather bag is roomy enough to hold up to a 17″ laptop along with books and files in the main compartment. The front compartment can fit a 13″ tablet, and the two side pockets are big enough to store your smartphone, keys and other essentials. This practical messenger bag is handcrafted from 100% full-grain leather and is oil-tanned to make it soft, pliable and scuff resistant. It comes with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap, enabling it to double up as a briefcase for the young executive or entrepreneur on the go.

2. Meal Kit Service
With a busy lifestyle, who has time to grocery shop and cook these days? Giving a meal kit service saves them time and money. Cooking at home is healthier and more affordable than take-out, and many meal kits come with recipes and fully prepared ingredients for quick and easy cooking. They don't have to be an experienced chef to make a great meal. You can even choose plans based on their dietary needs.  Green Chef offers Keto, Paleo and plant-based meal plans, as well as conventional plans offering meat and seafood entrees. All their ingredients are organic and free from GMOs, antibiotics and pesticides. Their kits include pre-made sauces, spices and marinades to use with their fully prepped ingredients. Meals can be prepared in 30 minutes using their easy-to-follow recipes, and the menu changes weekly so they won't get tired of eating the same foods.

3. Fountain Pen
Fountain pens make great gifts for anyone who loves writing or signing their name with a flourish. They encourage creativity and exploring new ways to write, like calligraphy and journaling. A good-quality fountain pen doesn't have to break the bank. The Faber-Castell Ambition Fountain Pen is a high-quality, customizable pen for under $200. The German-made pens have a high-quality stainless steel nib and chrome-plated end-cap and tip for a sleek design.  Faber-Castell offers a wide array of barrel designs, including textured resins, multiple colors and exotic woods.

4. Standing Desk
There are numerous health benefits to using a standing desk. Scientists believe people who sit too much suffer from diabetes and heart disease at an increased rate. Sitting for long periods can also lead to weight gain. If the young professional you know sits at a desk job all day, consider giving them a standing desk. You can find standing desks to use on their own and desk and tabletop models that convert their current desk area into a standing desk.  The Uplift Standing Desk offers desktop customization with added accessories like lamps, mats, keyboard trays, and organizers. It's adjustable vertically, fitting users from 4'4″ to 6'7″ tall. It comes with a 30-day trial period and a 15-year warranty, ensuring they'll love using it and that the desk will last. Uplift also sells desk converters, allowing your friend or loved one to benefit from a standing desk on their current work surface. You can find models made for use with monitors and keyboards and models to use with laptops.

5. Coffee and Espresso Maker
Help them get their caffeine fix with a combination coffee maker. Combination machines let the young professional in your life make a variety of coffee drinks, including brewing regular drip coffee, and make concentrated shots so they can craft their favorite latte right at home. The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is a versatile machine that makes classic- or rich-style brews to enjoy hot and even brews over ice so they can enjoy an instant iced coffee in the summer. The machine can also craft specialty coffeehouse drinks like cappuccinos and lattes using coffee shots and its built-in milk frother.  This coffee maker allows users to choose their brew size, including single cup, travel mug and half- and whole-sized carafe brews. The included thermal carafe is great for keeping their pot of coffee warm for hours. Its black and stainless steel design fits every , and the small machine won't take up all their counter space. It's a great option for the young professional who needs to kick-start their morning.

6. Luxury
Nothing says “I've made it” quite like wearing a luxury watch. A Rolex watch is the pinnacle of luxury watches recognized throughout the world. Their automatic movements and jewelry-grade gold, platinum and stainless steel bands set the standard for luxury watches. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual is an excellent starter model. This iconic timepiece is available in a range of reference numbers with dial colors ranging from midnight blue to lemon yellow. The case and bracelet are made from Oystersteel, Rolex's patented stainless steel superalloy. The white gold hour markers offer classical styling, ensuring the timepiece coordinates with the gift recipient's corporate attire.  You may think luxury watches are way out of your price range, but affordable options are available. You can find many pre-owned brands of luxury watches, including pre-owned Rolex watches

Impress Your Gen Z or Millennial Professional with Your Gift
Finding gifts for Gen Z and may seem daunting, but these six gifts are sure to please any young professional starting out in the corporate world. These gifts give feelings of sophistication and luxury to young adults in your life. They help new professionals save time and form healthy habits. 

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