3 Plus Size Sustainable Brands Making An Impact on the Future of Fashion

Have you ever thought about what the world of plus-size sustainable fashion will look like in the future? This is a question I find myself contemplating often and when I think about the work that is taking place to ensure the conversation around plus size sustainability is at the forefront, I’m immediately filled with joy.

From plus-size inclusive indie brands to vintage shops, there is a growing movement toward ensuring that all bodies have access to sustainable, yet statement wear.

As a sustainable business owner myself, I’m deeply appreciative of the number of new and established plus inclusive brands that are making their mark on the sustainable world. Throughout this article, I’m going to highlight a few (of many) size-inclusive sustainable brands I’ve had the privilege to learn more about throughout my own adventures of owning, More Than Your Average.

3 Plus Size Sustainable Brands Making An Impact on the Future of Fashion

Image taken from Luvsick Plus website. Sustainable plus size brand
Image taken from Luvsick Plus website.

Plus Size Sustainable Fashion Brand #1:

Luvsick Plus is a Chicago-based plus-size vintage shop started by Britteny Riordan. Fueled by her passion for finding the perfect vintage pieces for everyBODY! Shop owner and curator, Britteny strives for size inclusivity and to make all her babes feel like the true bombshells they are! From her newest capture collections to bold statement accessories, this vintage shop is making a statement on the world of vintage fashion.

Plus Size Sustainable Fashion Brand #2:

Big Bud Press is a fast-growing Los Angeles-based clothing label specializing in unisex, everyday goods. The brand prides itself on their ethical and local manufacturing practices. The brand is sweatshop-free and independently audits all of our manufacturing partners. More than 98% of the fabric is grown and made domestically and is NAFTA certified. Big Bud Press plans for their fabric to be fully domestically produced by 2022.

The majority of the brands’ fabric is knit/woven locally in the Los Angeles area. The remainder is woven on the east coast and almost exclusively uses 100% cotton fabrics. Any non-cotton fabrics the brand uses are comprised of recycled yarns. The imported fabric occasionally used is primarily close-out/deadstock fabrics for one-off collections. Additionally, the brand uses low-impact and non-toxic dyes in our dye processes.

From bucket hats to statement tees, this sustainable brand is making a statement on ethical designs and production. To check out their latest additions and to learn more, be sure to visit the website.

Plus Size Sustainable Brand_Berriez

Image taken from Berriez website.

Plus Size Sustainable Fashion Brand #3:

Berriez is a curated online vintage shop that celebrates curves, colors and fruit. Although we launched in Brooklyn in 2018, the seed was planted — pun intended — when founder Emma Zack was just a teenager. Frustrated by the challenge of finding fun and stylish clothes that fit her curvy body, Emma turned to secondhand shopping as a way to find what made her feel good in her skin. Berriez brings the fruits of Emma’s sartorial eye to others (literally).

While this article only captures a few of many plus-size sustainable brands that are making their mark on the future of sustainable fashion, stay tuned for more brand highlights coming your way. From coast to coast and region to region, I have much gratitude for this ever-evolving community of plus-size yet sustainable brands.

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