13 DIY Master Bedroom Makeover For Grown Ups

Looking for DIY master bedroom makeover? Want to make your bedroom look more mature? If this is you, then sit back and enjoy this list of DIY bedroom makeover ideas!

Even if your day is full of chaos, your bedroom is the place where you should always be able to gather yourself and regroup – no kids, no disturbing outside world noises (even though there are times that kids are able to force themselves in anyway). It is also, the one place where you can give yourself that home court advantage of choosing the decor you love.

13 DIY Master Bedroom Makeover For Grown Ups

I just recently had our master bedroom makeover, and yes, I've gathered almost every DIY master bedroom idea from the internet and selected what I loved most and, of course, consulted my partner to make sure his preferences were being taken into account.

Perfect! I filled it with all my heart's desires. So, without any further ado I would like to share with you the DIY Master Bedroom Makeover for Grown-Ups that I've discovered so that you can also have some inspiration and apply some of this on your own master bedroom. Have fun!


1. DIY Upholstered Headboards

A headboard is the one craft that you can customize and create that can be a focal point of your bedroom decor. Click here to view the list of headboards that you can DIY.

2. A Spot To Sit

With two comfy chairs at the foot of the bed, it's a perfect spot to sit. Make your own x-bench, and create a stylish alternative to traditional straight-leg benches. Learn how to make an x-bench here.

3. Soft Lights

There should be at least one light in your bedroom that can cast a soft glow. Learn how to make a Copper Mercury Glass Lamp here.

4. Wood Pallet Wall

DIY your own wood pallet wall like this bedroom and paired with bold lines, the rustic wood gives that fresh and unique look. Learn the DIY Wood Pallet Wall here.

5. Sparkling Coral

Replace throws and pillows for a seasonal change. Or spruce up the nightstand by adding a new bright focal point. Check it out here.

6. Preppy Punch Dresser

Fresh ombre orange paint and glam up knobs take this master bedroom's nightstand to the next level. Click here to read more.


7. Blue and White

Blue and White is a light and dark no-fail combination. Different shades of blue combined into the throw pillows, bedding, walls, and accents add a splash of freshness. Check it out here.

8. Nature's Touch

Every bedroom should have that nature's touch, either you position your bed where you can see the view outside, have fresh flowers every week, or put a potted plant in the corner. Trust me, it will help you wake up in a better mood. Check it out here.

9. Pure White

Let your hardwood shine! Pure white walls feel warm and pure. They highlight a gorgeous dark floor that creates a bold pop. Check it out here.

10. Earthy Entreat

Colors from nature are absolutely soothing, like the greens, tans, and golds in this bedroom, they extract the calming colors of the outdoors. View it here.

11. Rustic Nautical Decor

Want subtle nautical décor? Use stripes in varying sizes and shades to keep the white and blue color feeling modern. Check it out here.

12. Bright Lights

Of course, bright light is essential! If you want a chandelier, go ahead or click here to learn how to make a DIY Mason Jar Chandelier.

13. Prime Ceiling

A tray ceiling provides that elegant feel to the master. But, if you can't add one, you can consider giving your bedroom ceiling a makeover with a fresh coat of paint. Check it out here.


Still got time for more DIY master bedroom makeover ideas and tips? Let's watch this video from Best Home MissLizHeart:


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