What will be the biggest beauty trends in 2018? The products you should look out for

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We put our heads together with Cosmetic Executive Women UK – an organisation that champions women in the beauty industry – to ask its members which hot beauty trends to watch out for next year.

Some of 2017’s favourites, like the Korean beauty, will still be huge in 2018, but we’re all set to be inspired by the catwalks and go for the chop on our locks.

And of course, like with any must-have trends, we’ve asked the experts for their product recommendations so you can get ahead.

Beauty pills were big in 2017, but the next big thing will be topical products paired with complementary supplements, says Vasiliki Petrou from Unilever Prestige.

“This world of nutricosmetics will be a game changer in beauty,” she says.

No word yet on specifics, but keep it on your radar.

Aromatherapy Quartz

“There’s a big trend for beauty that’s about inner wellness, not simply something you slap on your face,” says editor and CEW UK board member Sue Peart. Expect more ‘spiritual’ beauty, taking inspiration from things like Ayurveda and crystal healing, and anything that promotes balance, calm and better sleep.

We are currently chilling with Crystal Clear’s new crystal-infused Quartz Spa range of oils and candles, from £16, and Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Frankincense Oil, £27.


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